Fiber laser cutting, water jet cutting, HD plasma cutting
and processing of sheet metal and different materials.
Quality, precision and fast deliveries.


The company was founded in 1960 by Araldo and Maria Luisa Bonomi, with a shed of around 100 square meters and only a second-hand oxy-fuel cutting machine. Since then, BONOMI ARALDO & C. S.R.L. has undergone progressive investments in technology, skills and human capital, which, in our view, is an essential ingredient for increasing the quantity and also the quality of the production...

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Fiber Laser Cutting and Sale

Waterjet 5-axis and 3D

HD Plasma Cutting

Oxy Fuel Cutting

Hacksaw Cutting

Metal Paving


The products created thanks to our laser and waterjet cuts and processes can originate from sheet metal, metals but also from many other types of materials such as aluminium, rubber, PVC, glass, ceramic, Kevlar, marble, etc... Click here to view the complete list of materials, and a gallery with images of multiple products made.

Cutting estimates

BONOMI ARALDO & C. S.R.L. uses the Overcam estimating software, software that allows us to efficiently create estimates for: