Our machining work is divided into several different departments:

  • Fiber laser cutting allows for laser cutting of a wide range of materials.
  • Water jet cutting - a technology that makes it possible to machine any kind of material at high speeds and with a "clean" and cold cut so as
    not to cause structural alterations to the material itself. The company has 2 types of water jet cutting:
  • Oxyfuel cutting - the traditional cut made by our machines with a working range of up to 6000x12000. In addition, the cut reaches thicknesses of up to 260 mm. All this is managed with C.N.C. to obtain tolerances of 0.5 mm on the perimeter of +/- 1.

  • Cutting HD plasma combined with normal plasma allows you to bring the thickness range from 0,5 to 120 mm. Available for different types of material such as iron, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper etc. with a cut similar to a laser, up to a thickness of 15 mm.

  • HD Plasma cutting combined with punching allows us to offer customers an additional range of cutting types, as, in addition to the above, we are able to include the possibility of punching, boring with a drill, threading from 4 to 16 M and more.

  • Hacksaw Cutting Dimensions MAX. DIAMETER 340 semi-automatic

  • Paver deburrs and cleans the pieces


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