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The company was founded in 1960 by Araldo and Maria Luisa Bonomi, with a shed of around 100 square meters and only a second-hand oxy-fuel cutting machine.

Since then, Bonomi Araldo S.n.c. has undergone progressive investments in technology, skills and human capital, which, in our view, is an essential ingredient for increasing the quantity and also the quality of the production.

New staff, new machinery, progressive success on an increasingly competitive market, a more comprehensive range for cutting sheet metal and many other materials have led to the development of a solid organisation able to satisfy the demands of a clientele that is become more extensive and demanding.

Of the different possible machining processes (you can see them here), water cutting definitely has a leading role; it is a technology that can machine any type of material at high speeds and with a "clean" and cold cut, so as not to cause structural alterations to the material itself.

This type of machining puts us in a significant position in relation to the other companies in the industry and allows us to offer a technologically advanced service.

The key words of our company are: quality, precision and fast delivery.

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